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Move on or Move Forward

Embracing Emotion:
A Journey of Feeling
When Detachment Has Become All Too Common.

Day 53

“This journey has led me to a profound realization: the desire to live in a world that often feels detached from true living”.

Sandra Saenz

Here we stand, on day 53 of an ongoing genocide—a time that tests our resilience, challenges our sanity, and redefines our purpose. Amidst the chaos, I’ve weathered meltdowns and found solace in moments of catharsis.

The desire to help humanity battles against the helplessness of not knowing where to begin or feeling that my efforts fall short. Yet, amidst this chaos, an unexpected revelation unfolds. Through advocating for the freedom of Palestinians, we emancipate ourselves from unseen shackles, revealing the hidden chains that bound us.

In a world where shared burdens linger unspoken, I grapple with the challenge of communicating these overwhelming sentiments.
Days fluctuate between anger, sorrow, and sheer frustration, all intertwined with an immense sense of sorrow for the people of Gaza and for all souls enduring profound pain worldwide.

Uncertain of who will lend an ear or embrace my sentiments, I’ve found comfort and refuge in the art of expression. Through writing and creation, I channel the myriad of emotions that weigh heavily within me. Blogging, writing, and creating art have emerged as unforeseen lifelines—a means to liberate myself and to continue showing up. Suddenly, writing and public speaking (once distant pursuits for me) have now become sacred vessels to articulate my emotions, to voice the unspoken, and to craft messages I long to share with the world.

Here is a poem I wrote, a personal beacon during times when emotions seem to fade. Each time I sense myself slipping into numbness, I revisit these verses as a reminder to embrace my feelings, resisting the creeping normalcy of becoming desensitized.

Echoes of Humanity 

To move or not, the burden’s weight,
Excruciating pain, scenes of fate.

A tragic canvas the world beholds,
A shame, inertia’s gripping hold.

It haunts me, sitting in sorrow’s grasp,
Children homeless, hope’s clasp unclasp.

Mothers weeping, fathers fade,
Buildings fall, humanity swayed.

As feelings swirl in this tormenting rhyme,
Uncertain, overwhelmed in this time.

A surplus of empathy, my plight,
Witnessing, embracing this global fight.

Not blind, this plight belongs to all,
Humanity’s cry, an echoing call.

Ethics falter, antics dark,
A shared space, a collective mark.

No more war, a resounding plea,
Senseless anguish, it shouldn’t be.

A ceaseless cycle, hearts in pain,
Sorrowed world, a haunting stain.

To move on beckons, an arduous call,
Yet looking away feels like a fall.

Humanity’s burden, it’s mine to bear,
To care, to act, to show we’re there.

To make a change, to sow hope’s seed,
Extend a hand to those in need.

Forward, onward, gazing high,
Embrace humanity, no goodbye.

For you, my friend, I stand tall,
Together, humanity’s rise, our call.

In love, in unity, our hearts align,
For we’re human, your hopes are mine.

Sandra Saenz

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Artistry in Activism

The Art of Activism: Giving Voice to Unheard Cries

“In the circus of life, Even a clown’s makeup can’t hide a heavy heart” – Sandra Saenz (self portrait: Imposter Syndrome 2022)

In a world that can be relentlessly unforgiving, the profound power of art to express its silent sorrows has become undeniably apparent. When the cries of injustice and suffering go unanswered, it falls upon us to transform our creative endeavors into a canvas of activism, using art as a tool to unveil the stark truths the world may choose to overlook.

As artists we can transform our creative passions into tools of activism. It’s from this deeply personal journey of fusing art and advocacy that I find my purpose, my voice, and my resolve to make a difference, much like the clowns who, even when bearing their own sadness, continue to bring awareness to the importance of happiness.

Art as a Catalyst: Unveiling Truths in the Face of Silence

For nearly two weeks, I’ve embarked on a journey of posting and sharing with the world the atrocities that continue to unfold in Palestine. This journey emerged because mainstream media often fails to provide a balanced narrative when it comes to the Palestinian crisis, opting instead for one-sided arguments.

In these past weeks, I’ve had to stop my usual routine of creating art, makeup looks, and sharing posts about skincare. The world’s events demanded that I pause to allow the important voices to speak up, voices that have been silenced for too long. It was a conscious decision not to clutter the algorithm with irrelevant posts about beauty routines. Instead, I’ve been active in using my platform as a speakerphone to amplify those voices.

As an artist, I’ve always known that creatives who don’t create simply wither away. Art is the lifeblood that courses through our veins, and it is our way of translating the world’s pain and beauty into something tangible. My commitment to creation is unwavering, and it has been intertwined with a fierce determination to shed light on the injustices worldwide for decades.

(Self Portrait: Resilience is Resistance 2018).

My vocal advocacy for the Palestinian cause started over a decade ago, well before I married my Palestinian husband and became a mother to my mixed Mexican and Palestinian son.

It’s not merely a choice but an unshakable moral duty for me to speak up because what is happening to the Palestinians is a genocide. As an artist, I’ve always been a rebel, championing what is just, including my right to exist in an industry where the inclusion of people who resemble me was often disregarded. Similarly, the world’s lack of empathy for Palestinians, driven by ignorance, biases and also a personal choice of not wanting to engage, not only appalls but horrifies me.

Our society has been divided by racism and dehumanizing behavior, where people’s judgment is clouded by these biases. It is imperative for us to speak out, and I am committed to using my art and activism to combat online ignorance and raise awareness; But what are you doing?

Resilience: Through Art and Activism

In the world’s darkest corners, there is a beacon of hope that artistry can transform into activism. The power of my craft extends beyond personal expression; it’s a tool for inspiring change and fostering understanding. I paint not only for the canvas but for a future where justice and peace prevail.

To all those who still follow me and continue to read my words through this space, I extend my deepest gratitude. Your unwavering support allows me to share this journey with you. I firmly believe in the extraordinary potential of art as a catalyst for transformation, a bridge connecting us to the pain and suffering of others, and a resounding call to action, particularly as an outlet for me to channel the sadness, anger, and intolerance that have welled up within me in the face of these senseless atrocities.

For those who have found their voice and spoken up, I commend you; your hearts remain steadfast. To those who have remained silent, I can hardly recognize the indifference that has taken hold. It deeply pains me to witness the departure from the essence and individuals I once knew and held dear, a source of shame and disappointment. We live in a world where we must stand up for what is right, and I implore you to rekindle the compassion that resides within. It’s a moral imperative to shed light on the injustices that persist.

In closing, I extend my gratitude to all who have joined me on this journey, and I encourage you to harness the power of your voice and your art, for it is in our collective efforts that we can affect change and shape a world that embraces empathy, justice, and peace.