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A Glimpse into My World:

Redefining Beauty, Culture, and Creativity

Exploring My Creative Process, the Beauty in Diversity, and the Daily Adventures. 

This blog is your exclusive backstage pass to my life, work, and passions, and I can’t wait to share every aspect with you.

This blog is more than just a window; it’s your exclusive backstage pass to my life, work, and passions, and I can’t wait to share every aspect with you. In this inaugural post, we’ll kick things off with an explosive ‘Mashallah!’ and dive headlong into the key details that define me. But hold onto your hats because this is just the opening act.

In this post, we’ll explore my background, my career as a makeup artist, breaking down barriers in the beauty industry, blending artistry and culture, and the everyday adventures that make up my life. In upcoming posts, expect makeup advice to ignite your inner artist, reviews for inspiration, and a deep dive into my thoughts and creative vibes that’ll take you on a nostalgia trip, all while unveiling the backstage secrets of my artistic process.

So, let’s hit the stage together, fully aware that while this first blog post sets the rhythm, we have a wild playlist of topics and insights to explore in the days ahead. Whether you’re passionate about makeup, culture, or simply curious about life’s adventures, there’s something here for everyone. Grab your makeup brushes and join me; it’s showtime!

The Mexican Muslim Makeup Artist

I’m Sandra Saenz, a proud Mexican by birth and a Muslim by choice. My journey into Islam was deeply personal and spiritual, enriching my life in countless ways. This dual heritage shapes my perspectives, values, and the art I create. I’ve split my life between Mexico (where I was born and raised in Monterrey, Nuevo León) and the USA, residing in various metropolitan cities that have influenced my creative work.

While Dallas, Texas, is now my home, I’ve often felt like a wanderer, too American for Mexico and too foreign for the United States. These experiences inspire many of the work I create.

And let’s not forget my passion for rock and roll and heavy metal. I’m a hardcore fan! My artistry reflects this alternative culture, combined with my Mexican roots. Born in 1984, I grew up in the fantastic ’80s, navigated the ’90s, and even ventured into the wild 2000s. If you’re ready for a journey with a touch of madness and a whole lot of rock and roll, you’re in the right place!

Decoding the Canvas

As a makeup artist for over two decades, I’ve had the privilege of transforming faces into canvases, revealing inner beauty, and enhancing confidence, all while rocking to the rhythm of self-expression and storytelling. My work goes beyond makeup; it’s a wild ride of artistic flair and emotional depth that makeup can convey. For years, I’ve cranked up the volume on the artistry and soul-stirring power of makeup. In my upcoming posts, get ready to dive headfirst into my creative process, the electrifying magic that happens behind the scenes, and how every stroke of a brush carries a piece of my heart.

Breaking Barriers with Beauty

It’s possible to blaze a trail and turn the seemingly impossible into reality. My journey as a Global Makeup Artist and Ambassador for KVD Beauty has been nothing short of epic. It’s been a wild ride, breaking barriers and smashing stereotypes within the beauty industry. What sets this journey on fire is being both Mexican and Muslim, two identities that have amped up my perspective and artistry.

Before earning the title of Global Makeup Artist, I embarked on an unrelenting quest to become the first hijabi makeup artist in the USA to be signed by a makeup agency. For those who might not be familiar, a “hijabi” is a term used to describe a Muslim woman who rocks a headscarf or hijab as part of her religious and cultural identity. This journey kicked off in the heart of the South, specifically in Texas. It was a seismic achievement, especially considering my hijabi identity, and it laid the foundation for my dreams.

I’m happy to have found the perfect fit and established a fantastic partnership with the legendary Cloutier Remix agency in Los Angeles. This isn’t just a career milestone; it’s like hitting the stage with my dream band. Cloutier Remix isn’t just an agency; it’s a blazing symbol of excellence and sublime professionalism. For years, I’ve been cranking up the volume on my dreams, and now that amplifier is blasting full tilt. Imagine the crowd roaring as I stepped into the spotlight. That’s how I felt when I joined their lineup. It’s like headlining the show after years of gritty gigs. Stay tuned for more stories from my wild ride in the industry. I’m here to inspire every rebel carving their path to glory.

 Shaping the Future: Artistry, Culture, and Makeup 

One of the most epic moments in my career was when the Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture, and Design chose me as their resident artist. For a makeup artist like me, getting that call was akin to winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Such an opportunity not only recognizes the years of hard work and dedication required to stand out among thousands but also marks a transformative milestone in an artist’s journey. It’s worth noting that a museum residency is typically an invitation-only affair, making this achievement even more monumental. Being able to create art and exhibit it in the enchanting setting of Shangri La in Hawaii was a privilege. This electrifying experience allowed me to blend my passion for storytelling with the release of my exhibition. Together, the museum and I crafted something profoundly meaningful, and I can’t wait to share the details in my next blog post.

Image courtesy of the Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design, Honolulu, Hawaii (Photograph: Elyse Butler, 2023)

And if you thought that was amazing, let’s fast forward to May 2023 when I had the honor of joining the panel for ‘A Brief History of Makeup Around the World,’ hosted by the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London. During this event, we delved into the rich history of makeup worldwide, with a special emphasis on its significance in the Islamic world. I amplified the importance of contemporary artistry within the Muslim community. For me, as a Latina who proudly wears a hijab and works as a makeup artist, this moment marked a significant milestone in my journey. It was about giving a voice to future hijabi artists who are entering the scene, where visibility has been limited. So, being invited to participate in this discussion, as a convert and a professional, felt necessary. I aimed to leave a mark by amplifying the voices of Muslim artists in my field and serve as a pioneer, addressing the underrepresentation of converts in the Islamic world. It wasn’t just about enhancing faces; it was about amplifying the enduring narrative of makeup’s cultural significance and its role in the global beauty landscape.

Life Beyond Makeup

While makeup is a significant part of my life, my days go beyond just brushes and palettes. I’m also a wife, mother, and a curious soul navigating the ups and downs of everyday life. Get ready to immerse yourself in these daily adventures, moments of joy, challenges, and the beautiful chaos that comes with them. It’s not all rosy; while the perspective on social media paints a perfect life, in my blog, I’ll show you that, honestly, it’s not. Glamour and celebrity status pale in comparison to the day-to-day life of a mom trying to balance being present for her family, managing the household, and excelling at work, all without forgetting herself as a person.

Join the Journey

I’m absolutely amped up to kickstart this blogging journey with you. This platform isn’t just about me; it’s about us, our conversations, and the electrifying community we’re forging together. I’m here to learn from you as much as I’m ready to share my own insights. So, crank up the volume and let your voice be heard—drop those comments, fire away with questions, or simply reach out. Let’s transform this space into a haven where we can connect, ignite inspiration, and blaze a trail together.

Stay locked in for more posts that will delve deeper into the realms of makeup artistry, culture, identity, and the magnificent tapestry that is life. Together, we’ll not only embrace creativity but also unleash it, celebrate diversity like a rock anthem, and revel in the magic of being our authentic selves.

With a whole lot of love and a ton of gratitude,


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What a breath of fresh air! Loved the tone and I’m excited to follow your journey! It’s always uplifting to see sisters break glass ceilings but it’s even more special when they are converts😆 ROCK ON, SIS! 👊

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