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First blog post!

I just jumped into the online world, and you might not know anything about me, so let me start by telling you who I am:

I’m Sandra Saenz and I’m crazy passionate about all things makeup artistry. I’ve been doing makeup for nearly 25 years, but professionally for 17. I’m the first hijabi artist to gain representation in the USA. How? Well, let’s just say I’ve been very stubborn. Be kind and work hard they say. It sure pays off, but the secret sauce was refusing to give up that my industry couldn’t be inclusive and diverse when it came to hijabi artist. So, I had no choice but to come in full force and change the game. It’s been a decade since I’ve been walking an unpaved road, so that upcoming hijabi’s can run freely on a highway one brush stroke at a time.


Most people avoid exposing the truth to what lies beneath (their success or fail) but there is beauty in being sincere. So, my dear reader, I make a pledge to be candid in every single blog post because I want this to be a palpable experience, not only for you…but for me as well. I want this to be a space were I can be real about my journey, artistry and process/progress.
Vulnerability is at the core and center of meaningful human experiences. However, most social media platforms aren’t quite the place to tap deep into this subjects. Hence the birth of this blog/vlog. I’ll love to take you on my journey and explain what’s behind every work of mine. I’ll walk you through my thought process, creative direction and final product. I’ll share with you the ups and downs that inspire my hustle. Are you ready to dive into my world?

it´s about to get real